Residential Lawn Mowing Services

Life today is running at a lightning speed. Our day is packed with the routine chores of heading towards the work coming back home and going back again. Not to mention the stress of taking the children to childcare or school, worrying about paying the bills working out the rent or the mortgage, etc. these are never ending. Only few of us dare to spend our weekend caring for our lawn and plants and gardens, forget spending some time daily. Hereafter, the residential lawn mowing services come to rescue.
What factors can decide whether a lawn requires mowing or not? This depends upon person to person. Some of the people are happy, unless and until the grass is short enough to sit and play on. They also don’t mind one or two weed plants growing along. However, the case is very different with the perfectionists. Residential lawn mowing services are thereafter performed by perfectionists with years of experience in lawn mowing techniques and methods.
Why is lawn mowing necessary, if the lawn is not mowed for a long time, it can grow up to anywhere between 4 to 24 inches. In addition to that various flowers that produces energy pollen can grow up in between the grass making it thin and week over passage of time. The other benefit in the fact that cutting of the grass tip on regular basis releases hormones that help the grass to grow healthier and thicker and get spread in major area. Thicker grass ultimately led to fewer holes and giving negligible or no space for the weeds to grow. Residential lawn mowing is essential part of your lawn care.
Why is proper mowing essential? The biggest cause of all the problems a lawn may have is improper mowing. Practically, mowing is a practice of damaging the plant leaving a cut end for pathogens to conquer the leave and shock the plants in growing newer leaves. Mown grass store lesser carbohydrates than the unmown. Proper mowing is essential and can be achieved by using residential lawn mowing services.
Techniques followed by professional lawn mowers: The most crucial things to keep in mind while lawn mowing is the mowing height. Every grass variety has its preferred mowing height which works best for that perfect type of grass. A grass should not be cut too short so that it can recuperate the mowing to maintain healthy root system. Also, should not be left too long that it looks rough and have stems and weeds growing. A balance action is required and hence is recommended to take help from the residential lawn mowing service provider professionals.

New Braunfels lawn service

New Braunfels is a flourishing city in the counties of Comal and Guadalupe Texas, U.S.A. The city blooms with its cold spring river and greenery at every corner. The yards and gardens adjacent to the accommodations and buildings in New Braunfels are stunning. However, these lawns need professional care and help. Hence there are many company providing the New Braunfels lawn services.  

Lush green lawns demand for proper care of the grass, soil, check for pest and weeds, regular watering etc. But the busy lives of the residents do not allow them to spare time for the lawn care. Hence New Braunfels lawn services are here to rescue.

The list for the New Braunfels lawn services includes lawn mowing, edging, pest and weed control, soil dressing, aeration of soil, fertilizing, slashing etc. Let’s divides them into categories i.e. Lawn mowing, Fertilization Watering and Pest control.

Lawn mowing includes the cutting of the overgrown or unlevelled lawn grass. It also includes the removal of the unwanted plants on the grass that hamper their growth. This is usually done with the help of a lawn mower. People providing the New Braunfels lawn services are certified users of the mowing machines and know how to solve their purposes.  This service also includes edging and levelling the grass so that it looks nice. This should be done at least once a week for proper lawn care.

The second one is the Fertilization of soil is a process of making it healthy and fit for the plants.  This is done by rectifying the type of the soil in the garden among the loamy, sandy and clay and adding the required compost or organic matter to increase the water absorbing power of the plants which is excellent for their growth. The professionals that provides New Braunfels lawn services knows the soil in and out and put their best efforts to turn the soil fertile supplying every required nutrient to the plants. They also aerate the soil by loosening it around the plants. This should be done at least once or twice a month.

Watering is the third type of service availed by New Braunfels lawn services professionals. It seems an easy job but is very crucial. It is important that the plants get water at regular basis and that too in adequate amount. Too much or too less of water can hamper the plant’s growth and degrades the quality of the soil to as it loses all the nutrients with the water scarcity. However, the services professional ensures proper watering and care of the plants.  This needs to be done daily or once in two days.

The last and the most crucial one is the Pest control. New Braunfels lawn services providers excels in pest control services. They know every singles detail to where, when and how the pests, insects or weeds reached the gardens and what can be done to rectify the problem. Pest/ Insect and weed check-up is recommended monthly for the best health of the plants.

Yard maintenance for south TX

As defined by the Wikipedia, a yard is the area adjacent to the any building or dwelling with trees and flowers. This is usually like a garden and generally is larger in area. Keeping up with care and Yard maintenance for South TX area plants is time consuming and takes a lot of hard work. However, as they say no pains no gain, little efforts put in the maintenance of the yard help in keeping the plants healthy and flourished for longer period.

The most important point to take care in Yard maintenance for south TX plants is watering. This is a common fact that all plants need water to grow and nourish. Where excess water can spoil plants, too little water can cause dead and yellow leaves, stressed plant and ultimately hampered growth.

Hence, providing them with the adequate amount of water can be a little bit delicate. Water sprinklers can be too much cost consuming sometimes. However, a regular drip irrigation system can be used to provide regular water nourishments to the plants and keeping the leaves wet and healthy and increasing their longevity. Also, it saves a massive amount of water from getting wasted and saves on cost of Yard maintenance for south TX.

The next important thing to keep in mind for the Yard maintenance for South TX is the soil. One should be aware of the soil of his/her yard. There are possibly three types of soils that can be found, Clay soil, Sandy Soil and Loam soil.  If the soil in the yard is clay soil, it is advisable to add compost or manure to the soil to loosen it and upgrading its quality. Clay soil absorbs water slowly and Loosening of the soil turns It more absorbable for water and hence helps in growth of the plants.

Similarly, adding organic supplement to the sandy soil helps in upgrading its quality. Sandy soil let the water run in it quickly that it becomes almost impossible for the plants to absorb them. Organic supplements help in increasing the water absorbing capacity of the plants and hence adding up to the Yard maintenance for South TX.

However, if your yard has he Loamy soil, which I the best recommended soil, you just need to loosen it a bit near your plants, every now and then to upgrade their quality.

Regular watering the yard and feeding it with compost and other organic nutrient keep the plants health and happy.

Other things that we cannot turn a blind eye to is the weeds, pest and insects. Regular pest check should be done by taking a quick ten-minute yard walk every day for Yard maintenance for South TX so that if an issue, can be rectified at earlier stages.

Use of weedicide, pesticides and insecticides should be kept to minimal and should be only brought in use when necessary.

New Braunfels Lawn care

The very sight of lush green lawns and breath of fresh air brings smile on faces and positive vibes in life. Everyone of us desire to have a flowing green lawn around our dwelling but very few of us actually want to put on the efforts that it takes to maintain the lawn greens. So here we are with the ultimate ten minute New Braunfels Lawn care ideas.

Now the question is what good will just ten minutes care do to your lawn? The answer is just ten minutes spent in lawn watering, cleaning the broken branches, looking for pests and weeds and rectifying the issues that can be a problem in future, actually help in good lawn health and elongation of lawn life. While having a quick walk on the turf of your lawn one should look for weeds, lawn runners, lawn pests and thatch. Other things that should be noticed is the color of the grass or yellow patches, if left unattended can spoil the whole turf.

While exploring your garden within your ten minutes walk, any visible weeds should be pulled out straight away. If the lawn is observed on regular basis, weeds are removed as quickly as they grow, bringing the use of weed control spray to minimal providing the ultimate New Braunfels Lawn Care.

Similar ways should be applied on the lawn runners.These can be removed easily by bare hands in the beginning but can reach a level where poison becomes the only alternative to kill the lawn runners. This poison can is no completely safe for the health of the grass and can affect it in long run. Other pests like ants, armyworms can be detected and treated at early stage to maintain the New Braunfels lawn care during the ten minute walk.

The other things that can be noticed on New Braunfels lawn care is the yellow patches or irregular growth of grass. These can be problem for the whole turf later on and is usually not identified until it grows to worst and spoil the whole turf. Rectifying and solving this issue at the beginning stage helps in saving a lot of money on its treatment. More or less it’s the scarcity of water that led to the yellow color of the grass.

It may sound like lot of work, however, when done on regular basis, it becomes a quick routine that saves a lot of money and efforts on New Braunfels lawn care, as prevention is always better than cure.

lawn equipment

Good quality tools are essential for ensuring a healthy lawn, and using the right tool for the right job will make creation and maintenance simple. As well as common garden tools there are many specialty lawn tools that are designed to make lawn care easy.

This is the essential tool for any lawn. Different types are available, with rotary or cylinder blades, and some collect grass clippings as they go. Mowers can be gas-driven; more environmentally friendly types run on batteries or are push-propelled.

String trimmer
Essential for cutting grass that the mower can’t reach, they are excellent for use around walls, fences, and patios. They are also useful for tight corners and very long grass. They cut the blades of grass with nylon string that rotates at high speed.

Edging shears
A neatly edged lawn is an attractive feature in the garden, and edging shears make trimming easy. Push the soil away from the grass edge, and then use the shears like scissors—only the cutting blade should move, while the other blade remains static.

Turfing iron
This useful tool is used to remove turf from existing lawns. After the square of turf has been cut, the turfing iron is used to slice underneath it, severing the grassroots. It has a sharp point for cutting and an angled handle to produce level pieces of turf.

Half moon cutter
Used for creating sharp, crisp edges or neat cuts, the half moon cutter is designed to slice efficiently through the turf with a flat blade that ensures a straight line. When cutting an edge, pull a line of string taut and follow it with the blade, chopping downward.


Good for a variety of uses, a broom is a common garden tool. Using a stiff broom is one of the most effective methods of brushing top-dressing into the holes created by aeration (although brooms with softer heads should be used on finer lawns). Brooms are also useful for sweeping hard surfaces, like patios and paths, after lawn renovations, and for keeping the garden neat.

Leveling rake
Sometimes called landscape rakes, these large rakes can be bought with either wooden or stainless steel heads. When preparing the ground for laying turf or seed sowing, they are used for the general leveling of the soil, usually, after it has been turned over or rotavated. To get a smoother finish, the head of the rake can be turned over and run over the surface of the soil.